Something about us
We are Dima and Christina


Hi, we are Dima and Christina!

We are a couple in love, We have been doing photography and video shooting for over 8 years! To capture the magic between two lovers ... this is our gift! We are happy to live our dreams and travel the world together, capturing the best days of our lives.


We are very pleased to meet different people from different countries and cultures and celebrate it together. We remove weddings and love when couples do not care about meeting someone’s expectations. Just do it your way!


We love life and the moments when we feel freedom and the opportunity to enjoy it. Exploring nature is amazing, and we like the ocean, sunsets, rocks and stand on top of the mountain. We are obsessed with the endless summer and therefore chase the sun, like a flock of migratory birds, in order to escape from the cold. We believe, as soon as you start dreaming together, reality begins